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What support can the school offer?

At Brigg Primary School we are engaged with many outside agencies these include:

  • Speech and Language therapists for children with difficulty in speaking correctly, for those who struggle to use and understand language and for those with social language difficulties.
  • ASET - Autistic Spectrum Education Team - for those children who may have a diagnosis or be seeking a diagnosis.
  • Primary Behaviour Support Team- for those children who have emotional difficulties which may affect their ability to focus or control their actions.
  • IPASS - Integrated Physical and Sensory Service - for those children who may have difficulties with fine and gross motor development. This service also support children who may need adapted resources to enable them to access our environment.
  • Educational Psychologists for those children who have a difficulty learning.
  • Hearing Impaired Team also support children who have a need of their service.

Within school we have a member of staff who is trained to asses and deliver a programme to support coordination difficulties, if these persist they would be referred to the Occupational Therapist.


Support within school - What does it look like?

Different children have different needs and therefore require different amounts and types of support. In regular meetings a bespoke package of interventions will be designed to support each child's individual needs.

Support may take the form of:

  • Small group intervention
  • Individual tuition
  • Specific access to specialist resources

These interventions include:

  • Beat Dyslexia
  • Rapid Reading
  • Rapid Maths
  • AcceleRead/AcceleWrite
  • Counselling
  • Lego Play
  • Madeline Portwood Programme
  • Write From The Start
  • Drawing and Talking