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To achieve our vision we will:

1.     Create a happy school environment.

2.    Develop good manners, courtesy and consideration for others.

3.    Ensure a command of spoken English and develop the ability to communicate and listen.

4.    Develop the skill of the written word.

5.    Develop reading skills and foster a genuine love of books.

6.    Develop appropriate skills of numeracy.

7.    Develop a scientific curiosity.

8.    Develop a sense of history and geography through study of the environment - near and far.

9.    Develop a sense of creativity through a range of experiences and opportunities within a broad and rich curriculum.

10.  Help your child to start to understand the outside world with its different peoples, cultures, places and times, and know how to be eco-friendly and develop a sense of responsibility within the community.

11.  Encourage children to develop their own leisure interests and activities and to contribute through them to the life of the school.

12.  Allow each child to experience success as well as failure and to learn to cope with both.

13.  Show all children that the knowledge, skills and beliefs gained in this school can be carried forward into education for the rest of their lives.

14.  To foster and encourage self-confidence and the use of personal initiative in all children.

15.  Encourage children to develop positive attitudes towards their own actions and learning.

16.  Create a supportive environment in which staff, pupils, parents, governors and L.A. officers can collaborate to achieve these aims.