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Important Dates

Find below a list of the most important dates.

Below are links to important newsletters, local information and yearly term dates.

Important Dates

School Holidays

Summer half term - 28th May to 3rd June 2018

Summer holidays - 21st July to 3rd September 2018

Autumn half term - 20th - 29th October 2018

Christmas holiday - 21st December 2018 - 6th January 2019

Spring half term - 16th February - 24th February 2019

Easter holiday - 6th April - 22nd April 2019

Summer half term - 25th May - 2nd June 2019

Summer holiday - 20th July - 

Summer Term 2018


16th April – School reopens for summer term (8.45am)

16th April – Year 5 cycling (group 1)

17th April – Year 5 cycling (group 1)

19th April – Year 5 cycling (group 2)

20th April – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

20th April – Year 5 cycling (group 2)

26th April – Year 5 cycling (group 3)

27th April – Year 5 cycling (group 3)

27th April – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

4th May – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

7th May – School Closed for May Day Bank Holiday

11th May – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

14thto 18th May – KS2 SAT week

18th May – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)        

18th May - Royal Wedding Celebration - wear red, white and/or blue

21st May - 3GB CLass assembly 9am

22nd May – Curriculum Afternoon (Science) and outdoor classroom day

23rd May – Class photographs

25th May – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

25th May – Close for Half Term

4th June – Reopen to pupils (8.45am)

4th June - Y4-6 Golf taster day

5th June - KS1 Sports Day 1pm

6th June – Governor Moderation Day

8th June – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

8th June - RR and end of week Nursery Trip

8th June - Year 1 trip

11th June - RP and beginning of week Nursery Trip

11th to 15th June – Year 1 phonic screening

14th / 15th June - Y5 / 6 Archery taster days

13th June KS2 Sports Day 1pm

15th June – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

18th/19th June - Yr 5/6 Wheelchair Basketball taster day 

19th June – Y5 taster day at The Vale

21st June - 4HK Class assmble 9am

22nd June – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

26th June - Reports send out to parents

27th June - 4AW Class assembly 9am

28th June – Music Extravaganza (St Mary’s)

29th June - Year 1 Multiskills (SJN)

29th June – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

2nd July – Y5 taster day at SJN

2nd July - 3AR Class assembly 9am

3rd July – Y5 taster day at SJN

6th July – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

9th July - 3AR trip

10th July - Open Afternoon 2,30pm - 5pm

11th July - 3GB trip

11th July - Year 5 Space day

11th July – SJN Y6 Transition

12th July – SJN Y6 Transition

12th July – The Vale Y6 induction day

13th July – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

17th July - Year Leaver's assembly

19th July - Year 6 presentation assembly (parents invited)

20th July – Imagination Library (8.45-9.30am)

20th July – Close for Summer (2.30pm)









North Lincs School Term Dates


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