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PE and Sport Premium Reports

Sport Premium is an amount of money which the government has agreed to allocate sport and PE in schools. The funding amount schools receive is based upon the number of children of primary age the school has. The sport premium is to be used to increase the quality & breadth of PE & Sport provision, and increasing participation in PE & Sport.

At Brigg Primary School we strive to promote healthy and active lifestyles and aim to provide sporting opportunities for all our pupils.

Amount Received:

2013-2014 - £9,000 approx.

2014-2015 - £9,500 approx.

2015-2016 - £9,500 approx.

2016-2017 - £9,500 approx


How has the funding been spent to date?



£2500 membership of the local School Sports Partnership

The rest TBC



£2500 membership of the local School Sports Partnership

£1500 employment of a sport mentor half a day a week

£1000 playtime equipment

£2000 supply cover for staff attending traing/meetings and compeitions

£1000 equipment, resources and transports for sporting competions and activities

New clubs – paying for the high quality coaches working in P.E lessons to run an after school club for the children.



£2500 membership of the local School Sports Partnership

£175 equipment (including resources required for festivals – costumes and medals)

£2000 supply cover for staff attending training/meetings & TA pay for after school clubs.

£175 transport cost for taking children to events



£1750 on being part of the local School Sports Partnership including SSCO support within the cluster see attached link

£1000 on Equipment – updating and buying new equipment for P.E lessons and sports clubs within school.

£ 1500 on Coaching – paying for high quality coaches to come into school to up skill staff by working alongside the Teachers in every year group and TA’s wherever possible.

New clubs – paying for the high quality coaches working in P.E lessons to run an after school club for the children.

£140.00 on Competitions – this includes membership to the Sports Federation and for transport costs to enable the children to take part in new sporting events/ competitions within the North Lincolnshire Area throughout the year.

£110.00 on New Schemes of Work – to inform the P.E planning and ensure that the correct progression is developed throughout the school.

£1,700 on Supply Costs – to enable teachers to attend P.E training courses for their own CPD.


What impact has the funding made?

  • The profile of P.E. has increased meaning it has high status within the school.
  • Teacher training is increasing the confidence and skills of class teachers in delivering high quality PE lessons.
  • The curriculum is being enriched with opportunities for pupils to participate in sporting events.
  • The range, variety, quality and expertise of after-school sporting provision has increased
  • More children are participating in sport outside of school, by developing the clubs within our own school, establishing links with local clubs and by participating in an increased number of competitive events within the cluster.
  • Opportunities for ‘vulnerable’ groups and less confident individuals to participate in sporting activities are being organised, which would otherwise be beyond their means.
  • Additional extra-curricular experiences, such as Family events and targeted opportunities, are enabling children to fulfil their social potential and live healthier lifestyles. Such events include our recent Sports Relief Family Run.
  • Through the development of intra and inter school competitions, providing all children with the opportunity to access experiences that they may not otherwise be able to.
  • Children are having the honour and are taking pride in representing their school.