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Aims of the School

We aim:

  • to provide your child with a school community which is happy and secure, where all children are supported and valued to the full, and where everyone is encouraged to work together. We want children to feel valued for who they are and to foster and celebrate uniqueness and individuality.
  • to provide a balanced, varied and creative curriculum which will equip children with the essential learning skills of literacy, maths and ICT, and promote an enquiring mind and capacity to think rationally.
  • to provide an ethos which encourages children to improve and promotes self-evaluation, where achievement is recognised and success is celebrated at every level.
  • to promote children’s self-esteem and emotional well-being to enable them to respond positively to opportunities, challenges and responsibilities, to manage risk and cope with change and adversity.
  • to encourage children to become active citizens with positive attitudes towards immediate and global issues, who are receptive to changing priorities and new ideas.
  • to prepare children for the next steps on their journey into adulthood, equipping them to make informed choices at school and throughout their lives.

All of the information included on this website can be provided in paper form, please ask at the office.