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In September 2014, the Government introduced a new National Curriculum (see link below). Therefore, over the previous academic year (2013-14) the staff developed a new programme of themes which will be covered thorough the primary phase (Y1 to Y6).

At Brigg Primary we have a creative, topic based curriculum, which includes a focus on active learning and is support by the use of a range of mobile technology. 

Each year group links objectives to topics, usually 5 or 6 throughout the year.  This allows us to be more creative with the curriculum, linking many subjects together, whilst following the National Curriculum (Year 1 to Year 6).

 We develop key questions for the topic and use all areas of the curriculum to answer these questions, which are, in part devised by the children themselves. 

At times some curriculum areas that need to be covered do not fit in with the topics, they are then taught as 'stand alone' lessons. This approach allows the children to work on some areas of the curriculum as blocks, for example working on the DT aspects of the topic all in one week, rather than one session a week.

Please find below information for the themes being covered this term throughout the school. Staff subject responsibilities are also outlined below.

Termly Information for each year group, Reception to Year 6, can be found on the 'Classes' page of this website.  The Termly Information sheets give more detail about each the themes.

Please also find below, a link to the PSHE Spiral curriculum.

If your child is in the Foundation Unit (Nursery and Reception) they will be following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Detailed information about the Foundation Stage and the Early Learning Goals can be found at Or you can download the Parent's Guide using the link below.

  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

I am special



Superheroes and Super senses

Light and Dark

Year 1

To infinity and beyond



Walk on the wild side

Holidays / Seaside
Year 2

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Happy Ever After?



Great Britain
Year 3

Walt Disney

Underground - Trafalgar Square

Crown Jewels

Active Planet

I am sailing 
Year 4

Around the World in 80 Days

Christmas Traditions 'Austria'

Temples, Tombs and Treasure

Reach for the skies

Super heroes

Year 5

Empire Strikes Back

Wear it well!

Underground - Goodge Street

Going to the fair

At the movies

Wild Wild West
Year 6


Deadly Diseases

Everyone wants to rule the world. Who owns me?