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Donna Fryer (Vice Chair)

I became a community governor at Brigg Primary School back in 2011.  Whilst at that time I did not have any children I had worked in schools through my roles with West Lothian Council and North Lincolnshire Council supporting ICT on both the administrative and curriculum networks.  Back in 2005 I moved to a new job which meant I no longer had any involvement with schools and the education environment.  At this point I felt that I wanted to re-establish a link with education and contribute to raising standards for children, and aid the provision of opportunities for them to achieve their full potential.

Being a former pupil of Brigg Primary School (albeit in its former Glebe Road site) and being a resident in Brigg applying to become a governor here was an obvious choice.  The school is a very friendly, happy place where it is evident that the children feel safe and supported in their learning.  I, along with the other Governors and staff, are very keen to promote these values.  I find volunteering as a school governor rewarding as it provides an insight into the challenges faced in education, and an opportunity to make a difference in the local community.  

I now work as an ICT Strategic Delivery and Change Manager and am able to apply my skills (and develop new ones!) whilst undertaking my duties as a Governor.

Daniel Garfoot

Chris Darlington