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Nursery - Mrs Priest

Information about this term:

Summer Term 2016

This is the last term in Nursery for the majority of our children and they have all come so far!  Their confidence has grown and they are all happy to ‘have a go’, the happy safe environment means none of our children are afraid of getting something wrong, they know so long as they always try their best it is all that can be asked of them!

Our new children that started in January are all settled and happy in their learning. They have quickly integrated with the older children who have welcomed and cared for them, willingly showing them the ‘ropes’ and assisting them when required!

Our themes for this term are ‘Mini-beasts’; ‘On the Farm’  and ‘Summer’.  We will learn about various mini-beasts and their habitats.  Then after the May half-term we will be looking at farm animals and their young.  Finding out about what we get from animals.  We will look at food grown by the farmer and we will grow some plants of our own. We will be asking:  How do plants grow? “What do they need to grow ‘healthily’? (We will be doing a scientific experiment, firstly predicting where we think our bean seeds will grow best; with compost, water and light/warmth; without compost; without light; without water; in the fridge? We will test our predictions by planting bean seeds (from ‘Jack and the Beanstalks own plant’) in the various ways suggested above and then we will monitor the outcomes. 

For our Summer Nursery trip this year we will be visiting ‘Rand Farm’, (the children made me very proud to be their teacher when we went to Normanby Park to see Father Christmas and I anticipate the same impeccable behaviour for this trip)

General Information:

Summer time: Please remember to send your child to school with a sun hat and sun cream applied before coming to school. 

Clothes: Please remember to name everything, nothing special is needed you can use an indelible pen to write your child’s name on the waist band of their clothing.  You would be surprised how many children adamantly deny ownership of jumpers/ cardigans/ coats/ hats scarves! ­


Lunch Time: I f your child/ren is staying for lunch they have a choice of a hot meal or bringing a packed lunch.  The children who choose to have a hot school meal can have the; meat option, vegetarian option or a jacket potato.  Menus will be issued at the start of term and one is always displayed on the nursery information board in the cloakroom.  If you pay for school dinners please put the money in a named purse or envelope (spare envelopes are always available from the dinner money tub).

TATTY BEAR: On a Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon, one child will be chosen to take Tatty Bear home to stay with them for the week. Please help your child to write about Tatty Bear’s visit in the book. You can take a photo or two and either stick them in the book or email them to us at  We will share Tatty Bear’s adventures on the following Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon before he goes visiting again! Please make sure you return Tatty Bear after his week-long visit is over.

Wow moments: We would like you to share your child's achievements at home with us in school so we are able to provide the appropriate next steps for your child in school. We will also be sending out ‘Wow’ sheets where you can document those special moments .We all know that feeling (when children do or say something) of ‘wow’ where did they learn that?