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Daily Routines


8.45am: Children may arrive at school and wait in the Foundation Unit playground. Parents must wait with their child until classroom doors are opened.

8.55am: Classroom doors are opened for children to enter school.

                Morning activities begin with a short input linked to the theme.

                A healthy fruit snack is availble for children to choose from 10.30am

                The morning concludes with a 20 minute phonic input

11.50am: Lunchtime

12.55pm: Afternoon activities begin with a short maths teaching input.

                 Children are entitled to milk during the afternoon

                 The afternoon concludes with either a story, a music or PSHCE lesson.

3.25pm: End of the school day. Parent's collect their child from the classroom door.


P.E. takes place on a Wednesday morning for both Mrs Brown's and Mrs Rowe's class.